StyleCraft Corporation

StyleCraft Corporation, a high end cabinet manufacturer, retained Domain to build a ground-up, internet-based pricing system.  Because we are a custom manufacturer, our pricing is somewhat complicated and not always intuitive.  Our requirements were to: 1. Simplify our pricing algorithms to the extent possible; 2. Make the system as user friendly and intuitive as practical; 3. Make changes and maintenance of the system convenient to StyleCraft; 4. Provide the necessary hardware infrastructure to support the system and assure an extremely high level of reliability; and 5. Above all, the system would have to be unhesitantly fast and responsive to heavy use.

Domain worked with StyleCraft personnel to develop a system to meet their needs and then continued its efforts to fine-tune the results as the system evolved.  This system was implemented a number of years ago and all of our goals have been met and sustained.  In addition, Domain has designed and installed the local network infrastructure that support StyleCraft’s day to day operations.