Project Highlights

A Chemical Company Implementing SAP Business ByDesign

Domain Consulting Group, Inc., an SAP Partner based in Reading, Pennsylvania (Wyomissing, PA) and Philadelphia, PA has implemented SAP Business ByDesign for a provider of specialty chemicals.  The company will use SAP Business ByDesign’s ERP functionality to manage core accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), forecasting, process manufacturing, inventory, and shipping of hazardous materials.

The chemical company maintains over 1500 products and ships to all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and other countries.

A Construction Company Implementing Construction Management Software in Tandem with SAP Buiness One

Domain Consulting Group, Inc., an SAP Partner based in Reading, Pennsylvania (Wyomissing, PA) and Philadelphia, PA is implementing a cloud-based construction management package, Corecon, and SAP Business One for a fast-growth construction company in Florida.  The construction company has nine offices located along the Atlantic Seaboard and performs complex construction projects for retail, banking, medical and other industries.

SAP provides this large construction company with accounting and business intelligence support.  The package report project data at the office, line-of-business, and project levels.

Corecon, a software as a service package (or SaaS), supports the creation of estimates, management of projects and invoices to primes, subcontractors and bills.  Corecon provides management visibility of performance levels to the project manager and subcontractors.  The package generates industry-specific documents such as invoices in AIA format.  Corecon and SAP collectively support prime and subcontractor retainage.  Corecon maintains all project documentation such as drawings, permits, contracts, and pictures in one database.

The construction company’s project managers at remote job sites have immediate access to all of the information they need.  Corecon and SAP can be configured with emailed alerts to notify project leads of off-plan conditions (variences) so they can correct them early before a project becomes endangered.

In short, SAP Business One and Corecon make the construction company far more efficient so that it can support its very rapid growth.

A Baby Gear Company Implementing SAP ByDesign

This baby gear distribution company imports baby equipment such as strollers, bouncers, high chairs and play yards from China and receives the products into a warehouse located on the West Coast.  The entire process will be managed and controlled using SAP Business ByDesign. The components of this process include supply chain planning, purchasing, warehouse automation, receipt and, in the other direction, quoting, sales orders, picking, packing, shipping and invoicing. Core accounting and consumer services will also be managed through ByDesign.

This firm will use almost all of the work centers in ByDesign with the exclusion of production and service.  It will utilize the supply chain, transport zones, landed cost, and wireless warehouse automation using advanced Intermec handheld devices that connect directly to SAP Business ByDesign.  The entire flow is housed on a single platform and is powered by HANA, SAP’s new in-memory database management system (DBMS). The system will support real-time analytics at lightning speed.

After the initial implementation in the United States, this firm will next roll out other international sites such as Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Taiwan.  The firm will utilize ByDesign to perform financial consolidations. Multi-currency, multi-language and intercompany transactions are therefore key elements of this project.

A Foundry Supply Company Implementing SAP Business One (Distribution)

Domain Consulting Group is implementing SAP Business One into a $16,000,000 foundry supply company. The client designs, tests, sells and delivers foundry supplies to the Eastern USA. Some of the supplies offered are custom developed and some are commodities.

Before working with Domain, the supply company was dependent on paper, spreadsheets and disparate systems.  The lack of interconnected systems led to mistakes in deliveries, which resulted in customer complaints and overall dissatisfaction. The company’s management team quickly recognized the need for better information systems. The firm’s plan for growth made this need even more critical.

After realizing the need for new and improved information systems, the foundry supply firm decided to implement SAP Business One through Domain Consulting Group. This project is currently within one month of its Go Live and is coming along extremely well.  The firm’s existing data was cleaned, conditioned and migrated into the sandbox; pertinent business scenarios have been defined and successfully tested; and the users are well trained, practiced and ready to begin using the system in everyday production.

Key parts of the system this client will use are quotations, sales orders, delivery tickets, invoices, bills of lading, and warehouse management.

 A Foundry Supply Company Implementing SAP Business One (Manufacturing)

Domain Consulting Group is also implementing SAP Business One within the sister company of the foundry supply company mentioned above.  This manufacturing firm not only manufactures foundry supplies for its associated distribution company, but for external customers as well.

The firm plans to reduce the amount of cash tied up in inventory by adopting just-in-time (JIT) inventory methods and therefore will be very dependent upon materials resource planning (MRP) and production orders.  SAP Business One’s MRP will generate suggested purchase orders and production orders to assist with the management of just-in-time inventory and proper planning of the firm’s manufacturing schedule.

The manufacturer will utilize production orders to communicate the production requirements to the shop floor. In this industry, the production runs must be batch controlled via lot numbers or batch numbers. To facilitate this industry specific requirement, Domain will add user defined fields (UDFs) to the batch number table in order to enable the entry of manufacturing details such as the quality and certification data that is required when manufacturing metal.

An Engineering Company Implementing SAP Business ByDesign

Domain Consulting Group works with a high-end engineering firm that uses SAP Business ByDesign to manage large, multi-year engineering and construction projects around the world. Using SAP Business ByDesign, the firm successfully plans and tracks large purchases that must arrive at a job site on a precise day and time due to the time-critical nature of the construction process. The engineering firm requires the ability to manage planned and actual purchases in order to maintain its project as planned.  To meet this requirement, Domain Consulting Group has designed and developed a series of custom reports in ByDesign that allow the firm to manage projects more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

The firm employs the project management, financials and accounts payable work centers of ByDesign.

A Reverse Logistics Company Implementing SAP Business One

This reverse logistics company uses SAP Business One to manage its back end accounting. The current SAP project is to integrate the firm’s SAP Back End Accounting System with its custom developed operations systems.  The integration of these two systems will greatly improve the efficiency of the firm’s overall operations and reduce errors caused by considerable manual intervention.

The reverse logistics company requires warehouse management and serialized inventory. Domain is implementing a particular Business One applet within the firm that will allow its salespeople to analyze the company’s current inventory by expiration date, an essential capability when working with food products. Using this functionality, the salespeople will be able to expedite the sale of food product that is approaching its expiration date.

This application uses Business One quotations, sales orders, delivery tickets, bills of lading, invoices, warehouse management, serialization, and expiration date tracking.