Incident Response

No matter how well you’ve prepared, or how thorough your security measures are, no company is 100% protected from a data breach or attack.  When a breach or an attack occurs, it is called an incident.  Whereas proactive approaches to cybersecurity are preferred, Domain’s computer incident response team provides incident response services for those times when attacks do occur.  When an attack occurs, Domain immediately and formulaically reacts to the incident in order to minimize the damages, as well as the time and cost of recovery.

Incident ResponseOnce an incident is identified, Domain reacts quickly by figuring out the extent of the issue and disconnecting the affected system and components in order to isolate the problem.  Once the incident is contained, Domain’s team will perform research in order to determine the origin of the attack and identify and remove any remaining traces of detrimental code.  After the source of the attack is determined, recovery can begin.  Recovery entails restoring the company’s data and software from backup files and fixing the weaknesses in security that allowed the incident to occur.  After the process of incident response, the victimized company’s security will be even stronger than it was before the attack.