SAP Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing companies of all sizes must deal with rising material costs, decreasing profit margins, and higher customer expectations by continuously increasing their productivity.  SAP software, Business ByDesign and Business One support make-to-stock and make-to-order scenarios.  The two software packages include comprehensive production features that integrate all processes, including sourcing, production, warehousing and delivery.  A configurable logistic task management capability provides the required information for warehouse and production tasks at the right level of detail, to the right people, and at the right time.

Process Flow in Production

Information system for manufacturing

The production features of the software cover the end-to-end manufacturing process, consisting of everything from production requests to completed production orders, including the execution and confirmation of production orders, scheduling, and monitoring and reporting of the production process.

Each production order includes all the operations and activities that are necessary to produce or assemble the finished goods.  Operations are assigned to resources and are subdivided into activities such as setup or production.  Activities include the durations required for scheduling.

When the production order is released, a routing sheet is printed and production tasks are created and distributed to the responsible employees using logistic task management capability.

Supply operations at the beginning of production can trigger order specific replenishment, while check operations at the end of production make sure quality inspection is carried out and documented in the system.  By integrating supply, make, and check operations in the production order structure, the SAP packages help ensure that dedicated components are supplied at the right time.

Integration and Automation

SAP Business ByDesign and Business One each seamlessly combine functionality for manufacturing and warehouse execution, therefore enabling orders, operations and tasks in manufacturing and warehouse locations to be actively managed and coordinated at every point in time.  The fact that the systems completely integrate production features into planning, warehouse and financials functions, allows businesses realize the dynamic benefits of Business ByDesign or Business One.  This integration provides the visibility of inventory and resources required in order to drastically increase flexibility required for planners to quickly react to change.  In addition, users realize further efficiency and productivity through a set of automated actions provided within each solution.

To complement the integration and automation features of the systems, ByDesign and Business One allow mobile devices to be used for delivering and capturing information during the production process.  As a result, employees who would not normally connect with the system can interact with it directly, thereby streamlining operations and increasing productivity.