Shipping Management – SAP Interface with PaceJet

Wouldn’t it be a lifesaver if a piece of software ensured that you make the best decision when choosing a carrier for each of your company’s shipments?  Luckily, that software does exist – it’s called PaceJet, and it integrates with SAP solutions.  PaceJet and SAP are two state-of-the-art software companies that work together meticulously to provide companies like yours with a shipping tool to help them rate-shop and create all of the documents necessary to distribute products nationally and internationally while reducing freights costs, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing efficiency.

Distribution SoftwareDomain implements PaceJet into SAP Business One for clients to enable them to more efficiently run the logistics aspect of their business.  PaceJet, the most complete shipping solution on the market, is a cloud-based tool that integrates seamlessly with SAP enterprise solutions and connects to a company’s carriers to process shipments – all on a single, sleek interface.


PaceJet can handle multiple carriers and process hundreds to thousands of shipments per day in batches, with scan-and-ship workflows, and using consolidation. The functionality of PaceJet is vast and includes the ability to organize items into packages, drill deeper down into the associated information, and drag-and-drop.  The application allows users to create freight quotes and shipments, all while using the best rates possible.  By clicking “get rate” on the interface, the various rates of your predefined carriers are pulled into PaceJet and presented to you so you can decide which carrier to select for a particular shipment.  After a carrier is chosen, the rate is imported directly into the SAP solution, and the quote can be created.  Once a quote is created and finalized, it can be copied to a sales order and then to a purchase order.  The data flows from document to document in order to save you time and minimize the chance of making an entry error.