SAP Services

SAP Consulting

Domain fully understands the importance of listening when it comes to matching a client’s needs with the appropriate IT solution.  Listening is inherently the forerunner of consulting.  Domain listens and observes your company’s requirements and processes, and then leverages the Domain team’s knowledge in order to determine the perfect IT match for your company.  Domain also recommends and implements best practices in order to catapult your company straight to the top of its competitors.

Solution Scoping

In order to ensure the success of a project, the proper scope and expectations must be in place.  Listening plays a large part of this step, in which Domain works with it clients in determining their company-specific requirements.  Domain then utilizes this information to clearly craft and articulate a project scope with
supportive objectives, a key requirement of project success.

Solution Blueprinting

The project blueprint is a map that breaks the project scope into subcomponents such as actionable projects, phases, and tasks.  The blue print is a detailed document that Domain configures to drive the implementation.  This document is created in order to provide support for the project scope at a higher level.  This level is formed around the strategic goals of the individual organization.

SAP ImplementationSAP Implementation

The project implementation is the actual step-by-step process Domain goes
through while configuring the information system within the client-company.  Concerning older software implementations, the scope, blue print, and project plan are completely isolated. In contrast, when it comes to the SAP Business ByDesign package, the scope, blue print, and project plan are all embedded within the system itself.  Also embedded in the system are digital project approval steps throughout the implementation phase.  Having these components embedded makes for smooth sailing during this implementation phase.

SAP Data Migration

While in adopting an SAP solution you are replacing your legacy system, Domain realizes the importance of preserving the data from the old system.  This is where data migration comes into play.  SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One are designed to support the transfer of legacy data from preformatted CSV templates.  During this step, your company has the perfect opportunity to clean up and reformat old, inefficient data.  Domain will help in this process so your company can have a clean, efficient start with its new system.

SAP System Integration

System integration can be pursued at various levels of complexity, ranging from the recurring importation of data from spreadsheets, to web services interface, to core product customization.  Domain will work with your team to define the appropriate level of integration for your individual firm.  Furthermore, our team will collaborate with your team to realize your system integration needs and the corresponding effects on the total cost of ownership.

SAP Training

Thorough training is key to the ultimate success of a project: users have to know how to use the system both efficiently and effectively.  Domain provides thorough training along with both SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One to make sure you are able to use your SAP software to the best of your ability.  In addition, SAP systems feature advanced eLearning systems that are easy to navigate in order to help users troubleshoot their holdups with ease.

SAP CoachingSAP Business One Training

Domain’s implementations are most successful when our clients are knowledgeable of the systems we integrate into their company.  Clients who embrace the implementation and training experience are able to extract the optimal amount of value from their system.  In other words, cooperation and enthusiasm from the client maximize the effectiveness of the training and coaching Domain provides to its clients.   This cooperation and enthusiasm from both sides oils the gears of the project, allowing it to run as smoothly as possible.

SAP Project Management

SAP Business ByDesign has project planning built directly into the system.  After the scoping process, the system automatically generates a detailed and extensive project plan.  Clients are able to define the internal project manager as the key user.  Domain supplies a project manager as well.  The SAP implementation plan concisely defines the responsibilities of the internal project manager.  The system allows for the management of system milestones and required key user electronic approval.  All of these features allow Domain and our clients to experience smooth and well managed system implementations.

Culture Development

Cloud culture development is critical to our clients’ success.  In our minds, the term customer relationship management is too limiting. You need more than 360 degrees of visibility. Domain’s term is cultural relationship management.  We support cultural relationship management via the implementation of systems that provide a universal view of your organization, giving you a 360° view from all angles. We implement constant surveillance and control of your entire universe.  The view includes leads, prospects, opportunities, customers and competitors, as well as the most important aspect of your business, your team.  With SAP systems, your talent pool becomes part of your system, thereby managing your overall culture.

SAP Customization

SAP systems come with software development kits, also known as SDKs or studios.  When a client requires customization of an SAP offering, Domain utilizes its vast experience in systems analysis and design in tandem with the system’s SDK in order to define and implement a system that is tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

eCommerce Rollout

Domain works with SAP and the third party eCommerce platform developers to perform both simple and complex world class eCommerce integrations, ensuring that your company is making the best use possible of the web.

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