Field Service Management

As customer satisfaction becomes more and more important, so does customer service and support.  In order to optimize these processes, your company needs an effective information system to automate and simplify previously complex, manual tasks.  SAP Business One is equipped with the capabilities required to do just that.  By utilizing Business One’s Service Management functionality, your company will quickly gain and maintain customers, leading to stable growth and increased profits.

Your customer service representatives spend most of their time interacting with your customers.  In order to leave a positive and lasting impression on your customers, these representatives must have the necessary tools and real-time access to customer data in order to provide thorough answers to questions and to resolve issues quickly and effectively.  Business One provides these capabilities while maintaining your service cost targets.

SAP Business One allows users to efficiently administer customer warranties and service contracts, and manage service calls.

Optimize your Service CallsField Service Management Solution

SAP Business One’s service call component enables you to effectively manage your customer service calls by allowing you to document any and all information about a call, including activities performed, any expenses involved, and the solution itself.  Within the software, you are able to define queues concerning technical support, accounting issues, sales promotions, and other items.  Business One also allows you to view the employee or department linked to a call, reallocate resources according to usage, and set call volume and duration limits that will trigger alerts in order for the necessary actions to be taken.  The service call component contains authorization framework to restrict certain users from performing designated actions.

Business One comes equipped with a solutions knowledge database in which a user can find frequently requested information and solutions to commonly recorded issues.  This allows even faster responses and more effective solutions.

Efficiently Administer Warranties and Contracts

SAP Business One allows you to administer all key aspects of the customer warranty and service contract life cycle.  You can create and manage service contracts for customers, product groups, and products with serial numbers, all within Business One.  Predefined templates enable you to employ an automated and standardized approach to crafting the various types of contracts that your business may require.  Business One also allows for the automatic generation of service contracts for relevant products upon creation of a delivery or an AR invoice.

Service contracts created in Business One include product details and information about labor, parts, travel expenses, and other key areas. Contracts also provide the days and hours of service your company has committed to the customer and how much time a resolution is expected to take.  This documentation ensures that contractual agreements and expectations are met.

Business One’s service management component includes customer equipment cards that enable your salespeople to track the history of products that are entitled to receive service from the day they were sold to the end of their service period.  Equipment cards hold information about service contracts, service calls, inventory transactions, and recorded sales details for salespeople to recall at any given moment.

Access Real-Time Service Reports

The reporting features within SAP Business One let you analyze call volumes, durations, and response times.  You can view reports for service calls by queue, response times, average closure time, and much more.

The software includes a feature called the service call monitor that displays dynamic views of open and overdue customer service and support calls so managers can analyze the efficiency and performance, as well as sales employees visibility into customer issues and status prior to speaking with a customer.

Realize the Benefits

The service management tools in SAP Business One let you manage the interaction between service representatives and customers.  They enable you to enter and maintain information on service contracts, products, serial numbers, customer complaints, and inquiries.  SAP Business One helps you guarantee ongoing customer satisfaction with quick response to service and support calls.

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