Trade Adjustment Assistance

As the economical world shrinks, many US manufacturing and distribution companies are feeling the negative effects of increasing global trade.  Some of these negative effects are decreased revenue, diminished profitability, lessened market share, layoffs resulting in the inability to maintain the necessary work staff, the need to cut hours and salary, and many more.

If yTrade Adjustment Assistance for Firmsou’re part of a manufacturing or distribution company suffering from the effects of imports, there is a grant program designed to help you fight back and increase your business’ global competitiveness.  The program, the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms program (TAAF), is through the Midatlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (MATAAC) and is sponsored by the US Department of Commerce.  The mission of MATAAC is to help your trade-affected business increase sales and profitability.  This program was put in place to counter the negative effects of increased imports into the US by providing the adversely affected US manufacturing and distribution companies with grants in order to improve their business processes, marketing, information systems, and much more.  The grants are meant to fund projects such as management information systems (MIS) consulting and implementation that will greatly improve a business’ global competitiveness and reverse the effects of imports.

If you are part of a US manufacturing or distribution compan
y that has felt the negative impact of increasing global trade in the last four years, you may be eligible for cost-sharing assistance up to $75,000 to be used toward business improvement.  Recipients of TAAF grants have demonstrated aggregate growth of over 30%, with proportionate growth in profitability.

One of the many positive aspects of this program is that grant recipients maintain control over implementing the improvement projects.  Another benefit is that there is no cost to apply for a TAAF grant and MATAAC handles all necessary paperwork.

Domain has teamed up with MATAAC to offer funding for enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) to firms negatively affected by foreign trade.  Call Domain today for more information on TAAF – (610) 374- 7644, ext. 7005 or email us at


For more information, contact Domain Consulting Group, Inc. at or call us at (610) 374- 7644, ext. 7005. 

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