Vulnerability Assessment

During a vulnerability assessment, or a vulnerability test, Domain’s trained IT professionals analyze a company’s network for security vulnerabilities, or weaknesses.   Examples of network components that Domain investigates include workstations (computers), firewalls, servers, wireless connections, and more.  Vulnerability assessments are important for companies of all sizes, because even the smallest companies are frequently targets of cybercrime.

Vulnerability AssessmentDomain approaches vulnerability testing by following a proven-effective sequence of steps.  Firstly, Domain takes an inventory of the system.  What are the specific components of the company’s network?  Secondly, a level of importance is assigned to each component.  How critical it is for the component in question to be secure?  Thirdly, Domain scans each component for threats and vulnerabilities.  What are the weaknesses of the components and how could a hacker potentially penetrate them?  Fourthly, we mitigate the most crucial of the identified vulnerabilities in order to optimally secure the network as a whole.